This design is dedicated to the families of those killed on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook, CT USA and my colleague in the Division of Justice & Law Administration at WCSU  Dr. Melissa Fenwick who suffered a stroke and died Friday night, December 28, 2012. She was in her 30's and I was truly saddened. She will be very missed. May they all rest in peace. 

Recorders altos

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See page "Native American Art"


David Machell, flutes, bagpipes

Dfm flute 1

The tartan of the Saint Patrick's Pipe Band

Dave machell bagpiping

The 2005 Feast of Saint Patrick

2005 asdf
1222830 orig
Above, a picture of Saint Patrick's Pipe Band of Manchester, CT (now of Glastonbury, CT). In honor of where I grew the band. Pictured in 1960: from left to right, David Machell (10 years old), Patrick Rooney, Jr., James McCullagh, James Farrell (my bagpipe teacher), Mallacky McDonald, John McParland (my cousin), an actress promoting the movie "Parrish" featuring Troy Donahue, Donald Cratty (my cousin), Patrick Humphrey, Ernest Machell, Jr. (my father), Joseph Henderson, William Marceau. The frame of the picture is the tartan of the band.

Of the Saint Patrick's Pipe Band, may they rest in peace: Pipe Major James Farrell (my bagpipe teacher), Donald Cratty (my cousin), Patrick Humphrey, and my father Ernest R. Machell, Jr.
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My instruments

Tin 1

A COLORFUL WELCOME, see "My Collages" page

Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, France

450px chartres 1

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see page "The Art of Stained Glass"

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William S. Haynes gold flute


Verne Q. Powell Piccolo

Pic piccolo ei

McCallum Bagpipes

Copy of my mccallum ii
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God Bless America


"Pan" publication of British Flute Society


American Civil War, 1861-1865

Photo ipur civil war coins

President Abraham Lincoln, USA, Civil War

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President Jefferson Davis, Confederacy

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Monastery of St. Joseph, Spencer, MA

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Sandro Botticelli

626px madonna fiveangels

Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Copy of 600px vitrail chartres 210209 07

Zuni fetish, see "Native American Art"

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See "My Collages" page


Western Connecticut State University


Religious masterpieces with reflections

Saint Patrick, pray for us

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Modern Concert Flutes


Welcome Friends....

This website is a showcase of my music performed in 15 recitals held at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut from 1989-2006. I was honored to perform with Howard Rovics (piano/organ/composer), Christina Rovics (soprano), Harold Schramm (narrator), Eric Lewis (violin), and other guest artists. We played classical, celtic, and Native American music.
This website also has topical pages (click on topic above) with narratives and photos on topics of interest to me, for example, The Art of Stained Glass, with beautiful pictures of ancient and modern examples. Other topics include Ireland, Great Flutists, Native American Art, History of Bagpipes Around the World, etc.
I hope you enjoy the color and the sounds of this site.
Below see some random pictures from those topical pages.

see my page "my collages"
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Stewart Quandelacy, Zuni

S quandelacy fetish

Navajo beadwork

Bird n beads

random pictures from website topical pages


The Beginning......welcome!

Gold flute

David Machell, flutes, bagpipes


Howard Rovics, pianist/composer

Howard r
Gold silver flute dfm
Freiburger muenster altar
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See "Our Duffy and Little Suzy" page

Photo ipur duffy storm

Faculty 1980-2010

Westconn logo

July 1, 2010

Name emeritus

July 1, 2010


Western Connecticut State University

Wcsu collage new
A tribute to Western Connecticut State University, where I was very honored to serve on the faculty for 30 years. I love WestConn and it was very good to me. The students, faculty, and staff were always wonderful! Thank you WestConn!!!
Photo ipur wcsu seal orange red wall

my musical experience....with gratitude

Music experience
Ask the prof
Ask The Professor, a FREE e-mail college advisement service for graduating high school seniors, undergraduate college, graduate students, or would-be studentsConducted by Dr. David Machell, Professor Emeritus, WCSU. Not to replace school counselors or faculty advisors, an "add-on!"

Ask the prof collage

Contemporary Stained Glass

454 h 00530

Louis Comfort Tiffany, stained glass window

W ange b

Our Lady of the Navigators by Fernandez

349px fernandez virgin of the navigatorsproper inversion

Carlow Cathedral of the Assumption, Ireland



I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VISIT..................

We perform classical music, celtic music, and Native American music on flutes and bagpipes and a variety of other music with singers, narrations, guest musicians, and sound effects.

Directions for playing music on website
My music starts automatically as you can hear. Just let it play if you want to listen to the music offerings in order. If you want to be selective: scroll down list of "songs" on the widget (the square box below) to see the listing of music. At the bottom of your screen are the controls for the music (the bar along the bottom of your screen). It is like a tape recorder of old or a DVD or VCR player. THE CONTROLS ARE TO YOUR EXTREME LEFT. YOU WILL SEE THREE BUTTONS TO THE EXTREME LEFT: THOSE ARE THE CONTROLS. In the center of the three buttons is the play button; to the left is the "go back" button and to the right is the "go forward" button.
The music player (on the bar) is site-wide, meaning when you change pages within this website (go to "The Rovics" page, "The Page of Ireland" page, "Great Flutists" page, etc.), the music will keep playing. You can also play music on the widget only, but it is not site-wide. It will turn off when you change pages.   
Throughout my website, I have pages with content that might be of interest to you (see table of contents at the top of every page).      

Contemporary Navajo Rugs


West Coast Whistles by Sandy Jasper

Sandy jasper

West Coast Whistles

Whistles group3
Ask the prof

Native American-style flutes


Swedish bagpipes? Polish bagpipes? worldwide!

Bagpipe collage
Flute by shakou ookami

David Machell, flutes, bagpipes

Dfm flute 5
Aab dfm framed gloss
Saint Patrick's Day, 2007, new engraved pipes
2007 xcvb

Howard Rovics, pianist/composer

Yellow rovics
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Model europa b 1280

Howard Rovics, thank you

A VERY SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS ALL POSSIBLE: Howard Rovics, brilliant pianist/composer and wonderful friend!
I will always be grateful. Thank you very much Howard!

Native Americans one with nature

Saint Patrick's Day at WCSU 2005

A personal collage.......

Dfm collage xxxx

Vergine Tricherusa, Russian Icon


J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart


L. Von Beethoven, P. I. Tchaikovsky


Michala Petri, Recorder Virtuoso

Petra iii
Petra ii

Alto Recorders

Recorder 2

Rampal biography, see "Great Flutists" page


Stained Glass, Ireland

Aaq sized

see page "Native American Art"

Phoenix xcvb

Taos one-sided drum

Aab deer drum

Taos one-sided drum

Taos 7

Taos one-sided drum

Aab eagle drum

A very worthy charity,

Saint lab

Sw ind found
The Southwest Indian Foundation
I was given a tour by the Executive Director of the SW Indian Foundation of their very many activities. From addiction treatment programs to buying stoves, they are there for the Tribes of the Southwest: Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Apache, and other Pueblo peoples of that region. I am very impressed with the Foundation. A very worthwhile charity!!!


Frank Howell, Santa Fe


Flute not a simple word.....

Flute collage

A gaggle of flutes

Recorder 1

Can chickens play pipes?

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Prof. David Smith, Dr. David Machell

Machell smith st p day

Britten's War Requiem, Hartt School

Copy of untitledhsm
Saint Joseph Cathedral, Hartford, CT

the former Shadowbrook, novitiate of Jesuits

Shadow lenox

in Lenox, Massachusetts


Our Mother of Perpetual Help, eastern icon

Our mother of perpetual help

Koza ("goat") is the name for Polish bagpipes

Red pipes

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Roman Mosaics: Early to Christian Era Rome

The Page of Ireland and the Home of the Machells   material
The Bagpipe: In History and Around the World
The Pipes of Wood, Silver, and Gold     material

My Articles and Other Writing

Great Flutists

The Greatest Orchestra

Our Dog Duffy and Little Suzy PICTURES!!!!!!!  pictures

The Art of Stained Glass

Abbeys, Monasteries, Old and New

The Performers:
David Machell
The Rovics
Harold Schramm
In Gratitude: Concert Helpers
Native American Art

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***Widgets are placed throughout my website to serve as a table of contents, just scroll down to see the listings.
***The music will be changed periodically. Not all pieces will be changed. Some popular pieces will be continued.
***In this website are photo and information galleries. While you listen to music, you can view the pictures and read the text.
***At the top of the page (under the page header) is your table of contents for this website. click on whatever page you want to see.

***Photos and some text assembled from various websites. My appreciation, displayed for educational purposes only.

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Lazar's Early Music:


Johann Sebastian Bach, Salzburg, Austria

Johann sebas bach
MY MUSIC BEGINS........................

2006, see pink indicator JAMES FARRELL, my bagpipe teacher, see blue DAVID MACHELL

The Saint Patrick's Pipe Band of Glastonbury, CT
. Largely started by my Mother's five brothers who played the pipes and my grandfather who served as the band treasurer when they came to this country from county Armagh, Ireland in 1923 and settled in Manchester, CT, known in those days as a manufacturer of silk and other textiles (the Cheney Mills--a strong attraction for immigrants).
  Cheney Mills, South Manchester, CT
Since then, I had cousins belong to the band, as well as my Father, Ernest Machell. Collectively I had 20 years in the Band (that's a lot of wind!!). I started playing at 7 years of age. The first parade I was in was in Holyoke, MA. We accompanied a car with John and Jackie Kennedy in the back seat! That was 1958 two years before he ran for president. We got to play for many famous people because there were probably only two Irish bagpipe bands in the eastern U.S., most were Scottish, of course.
The Band has been going strong since its beginnings in the 1930's. I hope many years into the future!

I learned to play bagpipes under the mentorship of Pipe Major James Farrell, a wonderful teacher and friend. We were members of the Saint Patrick's Pipe Band of Manchester then Glastonbury, CT. I will be always grateful to PM Farrell for imparting in me the knowledge to play this amazing instrument.

1960, red DAVID MACHELL (10 years old), green PATRICK ROONEY, my friend, light blue my bagpipe teacher JAMES FARRELL, pink JOHN MCPARLAND, my cousin, dark blue DON CRATTY, my cousin, yellow ERNEST MACHELL, my father. The woman in the photo was an actress hyping a new movie, "Parrish" with Troy Donahue. The film was made in Connecticut around the South Windsor area (tobacco country). The film's story was about, in part, life on a large tobacco plantation.

Hartford Courant, March 12, 2010, Page 1 (photograph taken in 2006)


I began playing flute on my own, borrowing a keyless applewood flute from Patrick Clancy of Manchester, CT, an excellent Irish flute player.

I began playing the concert flute with lessons from
Mr. Robert Johns in 1962 when I was 12 years old. Mr. Johns was a music educator at Illing Middle School in Manchester, CT. His primary instrument was the flute, but he played all instruments of the concert band and orchestra. He also played the double bass in the Hartford Symphony Orchestra for many years. He was a fine man and also a wonderful friend.

I was very fortunate having two fine gentlemen starting me in music. My gratitude to Mr. Johns and Mr. Farrell.

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Bagpipes outside

Photo ipur bagpipes trees
Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA)   

The International Native American Flute Association
1964-68 Greater Hartford Youth Orchestra (First Flute and Soloist);
1971-74 Hartt Symphony Orchestra (Principal Flute), Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Principal Flute), Pro Musica Ensemble, solo recitals (Clinton Adams, pianist)

Bagpiper, collectively 20 years (three different time periods)

1965-68 Second flute
1966-68; 1971-73 Substitute flutist

1904 Haynes Wooden Flute

Flute sign ad www
466px coat of arms of ireland svg
Ellis Island, the historical gateway to America
Ellis Island, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, is the location of what was from January 1, 1892, until November 12, 1954 the immigrant processing facility that replaced the state-run Castle Garden Immigration Depot (1855–1890) in Manhattan. It is owned by the Federal government and is now part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, under the jurisdiction of the US National Park Service.

The American Southwest


My favorite place........

Santa fe nm

SANTA FE, NM, my favorite place

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Photo ipur okeeffe

Navajo ring, See "Native American Art" page

Bjcnpq2kkgrhqqokigesmolqg8ublrsq p0g 12

Zuni Ring

217523 1471rga 1003277 native american turquoise coral sterling silver mens ring size 10 to 11

Ray Tracey, Navajo

Rt 10 300

Hopi Ring

Kokopelli ring

Navajo beadwork

The hand

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Arthur Winograd was a very fine man and I was honored to play music for him several times when he was musical director/conductor of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra from 1964 -1985. Arthur Winograd, 90, died in Morristown, NJ on Thursday, April 22, 2010. 

God Bless America

Bpdjw2kkgrhqvh8ev10ey3bmnvsqborw 3

William Kincaid (1895-1967) and his $187,000 platinum flute
Considered the greatest 20th century American flutist and pedagogue of the instrument, William Kincaid, was born April 26, 1895 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1921, when Kincaid was twenty-six, he moved to Philadelphia by the request of Leopold Stokowski, the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was here that Kincaid replaced Andre Maquarre as solo flutist, a position he held until his retirement in 1960. Having settled in Philadelphia, Kincaid joined the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music in 1928 and was an original member of the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, which was created in 1950.
This platinum flute (above) was made by Verne Q. Powell in 1939 and exhibited in the New York City World's Fair held the same year as evident by the trylon and perisphere inscriptions. Purchased by Kincaid, the flute accompanied him on numerous recitals and recordings. Following Kincaid's death in 1967, the flute was passed to one of his celebrated pupils, Elaine Shaffer. Efrem Kurtz, the distinguished conductor and widower of Shaffer, was next to inherit the flute before it was purchased at auction from Christie's in 1986, setting a world auction record for any flute sold at auction ($187,000). Today in 2012, it is obviously worth much, much more!

Saint Ignatius Loyola pray for us........

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Let There Be Peace on Earth........

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